Gjovalin Hasanaj

Type of activity: Dairy “Veleçiku Cheese”

Product typology/service: Caciocavallo with blueberries, nuts, sage, herbs and spicy

Village: Hot (Administrative Unit of Kastrat)

District/Municipality: Malësi e Madhe

History: Gjovalin Hasanaj is a young man from Malësi e Madhe who manages the family dairy in Hot, an activity started by his father Prele 11 years ago. Originally they focused on a traditional production, but thanks to the experiences shared with Italy, Holland and France, in the last years they started producing a variety of cheese such as white goat cheese, white cow cheese, caciocavallo with blueberries, nuts , sage, herbs and spicy. Their products can be bought directly at the dairy farm but also in different supermarkets and restaurants all over Albania.

CONTACT: +355 68 25 06 259


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