Water sources of Rrjoll –Paja

Water sources of Rrjoll –Paja

These springs pass to the left of the stream and about 2.0 km above the bed of the stream of the same name, above the village of Kokaj and end up in Shkodra lake. The altitude of their exit from the rocky fissures is about 500 m Abs. This water source has a flow of 400-500 l / sec. In the upper part of the springs, the stream is mainly dry, especially during the summer. Only in the rainy season and when the mountains are snowy in this area, flow the waters that join those of Paja.

These springs feed on the karst territory of the western sides of Mount Bishkas and the top of Syni (the Eye), where a series of closed valleys appear, whose waters have no superficial drains, but pass underground in the cracks of the rocks.

Used for drinking water, the Rrjoll Aqueduct is one of the high-quality water supply systems in the Balkans and in Europe. Rrjolli is used for irrigation until 10 June, therefore the water is reduced and used only for drinking water.

Based on the annual flow distribution data, the sources of John’s Eye and Vraka receive water.

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