Vineyard Mani

Vineyard Mani

The Mani vineyard with an area of ​​2.2 hectares is located in the village of Gruemirë, a few minutes from the city of Shkoder. The owner, Fatjon Mani, who has emigrated abroad for many years, returned to Albania 3 years ago and decided to invest his savings in his native place. His family is composed of him, his mother and his fiancée.

In addition to the passion for the production of wine and brandy, Fatjon is building a cellar near the vineyard, also seeing the growth of business year after year. from the balcony above the cellar you can enjoy a glass of wine and the wonderful view that the surrounding area offers.

The wine produced by the viticulturist Mani is of high quality. Fatjon has already created a reliable network through which he can sell his wine, which are of two types: Kallmet and Merlot.

In the vineyard, tourists can also be part of the harvest and the pressing process with traditional methods.

In the future, it intends to further increase the area of ​​the vineyard and increase the activity in general, which will have an impact on the area.

In addition to viticulture, Fatjon is very fond of hiking: he has repeatedly exercised the role of guide that he intends to turn into a profession in the future.


Address: Gruemire, Malësi e Madhe

Cel: 0672889009

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Fb: Vineyard Mani

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