In Vermosh there is a spring called Red Water. At the time when the borders were established in Kelmend, Montenegro wanted to take that part of Vermosh where this source was located. During the negotiations that the leaders of Montenegro were making with the Albanian leaders, including Prekë Cali, the Montenegrins claimed that this area was theirs and wanted to take it. Prekë Cali told them that this place is called the Red Mountains and by the word itself is part of Albania. The Montenegrins did not accept it, they said that the place was called Kuçi Mountains and that it belonged to them. Then Prekë Cali said to them, “This place is called the Red Mountains because red water flows here.” Then the Montenegrins, as it seemed incredible, said: “If this is true, the boundaries will be established as you say.” All together they went to the source and saw that the water was indeed red. So the boundaries were established as required by Preke Cali. And to this day in Vermosh there is this spring where red water flows.

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