SLLAPI waterfall

In Kelmend there is a place called Selcë. Here there is a waterfall called The Sllapi waterfall, which originates from the Rikavec lake, located in Montenegro. This waterfall also has a legend.

A poor family in Selca sends their son as a servant to a wealthy family from Montenegro, where he starts working as a shepherd. The boy, knowing that his family had no income, thought of helping them in this way: for each event he would take a sheep and throw it in the lake of Montenegro, and the sheep would come directly to the Sllapi waterfall, where it was awaited by the boy’s family in Selca. So he did for several years until one day the owners find out what he was doing. At the next event, the owners took the boy, killed him and threw him into the lake. His family, as always, had gone out to wait for the sheep, but this time instead of the sheep they received the body of their dead son.

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