Shpella e Gurrës

Name of the cave Shpella e Gurrës
Village Reç
Coordinates 42.24486
Legal Status No protection
Bats Species Rhinolophus ferrumequinum

Rhinolophus hipposideros

Cave Description The cave is composed by several rooms and a main corridor made by humans. After 20m, this corridor is reaching a natural cave with numerous geological features. After 20m the cave is vertical (40m) with water at the bottom.
  • The cave is located very near the village, and a good trail is already existing
Proposal This cave could represent a very interesting touristic attraction. However it has be since the start managed properly. The population of bats is not very important, but is however constant during the year. Also, the numerous geological features must be protected from destruction. It is proposed to visit this cave only with guide, and to present it as a final step for a training on speleology, with specialists. The 40m of vertical cave could represent an interesting challenge for tourist that might have follow a training during several day in the area of the Regional Park.

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