Restorant Arlindi

1. Name


Restorant Arlindi
2. Owner Astrit Bajrami
3. Village Culaj, Koplik


4. Contact number 067 2328660
5. E-mail
6 Website Fb: Restrant Arlindi

Insta: Restorant Arlindi

7. N. of  rooms 3
8. N. of  beds 10
9. N. of  bathrooms 3
10. Price 10 € accommodation + breakfast
10 € lunch
11. Foreign language used Italian
12. Season of the year when they’re open Whole year
13. Restaurant’s capacity 50 people
14. Typical dishes Casserole carp, grilled carp, grilled meat, steak, veal cutlets, corn bread with cheese, pickles, etc.
15. Offered services Restaurant, accommodation, wifi, parking, toilets, boat ride, camping, camping guard
16. Description


The Arlindi restaurant is located in a very strategic position in the Koplik area, on the shores of Shkodra Lake. The freshness of the lake and the clean air will accompany you while having a lunch or dinner there. The products served are fresh, starting from the carp taken directly from the lake and continuing with other local products, such as meat, salads, corn bread, various types of cheese, etc. There is also accommodation for tourists who want to spend a night on the lake shore.

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