Restaurant – Hotel  Vila Pepaj

1. Name


Restaurant – Hotel  “Vila Pepaj”
2. Owner Nikolin Pepaj
3. Village Razem
4. Contact number +355 685205066
5. E-mail
6. Number of rooms 9
7. Number of beds 20
8. Number of bathrooms 11
9. Price 2500 lekë/person
10. Foreign language used English
11. Season in which is opened Whole year
12. Capacity 80 people the restaurant, 30 people the hotel
13. Typical dishes Spit roast, boiled cheese, kaçimak, goat cheese, baked potatoes, white corn bread, homemade pickles, smoked dried meat, wild boar, roasted house chicken.
14. Offered services Info, bar, restaurant, hotel, parking, games, wifi.
15. Description A one-storey building built in wood and furnished in the most traditional way of the area, offers dishes with traditional products, such as spit roast, boiled cheese, kacimak, goat cheese, baked potatoes, white corn bread, etc. From the porch of Villa Pepaj, sipping a coffee in the middle of the wonderful nature, you can follow and enjoy any activity that takes place in the sports field of Razma, especially on weekends.

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