Razëm – Shpella e Shtogut “Cave of Shtog”

Razëm – Shpella e Shtogut “Cave of Shtog


Distance:               2.7 Km

Relief                     min:1172m / max: 984m

Duration:              1 Hour

Difficulty:             Easy

Razëm – Cave of Shtogu 1029 m.

The area of Razma is quite interesting, with concave shaped fields, such as the Troshan field, Fusha e Zeze “the Black field” and the Razma field. The area of Razma is located on a karst plateau with significant geographical features. The area is also home to a considerable number of karst caves, such as the Shtogu Cave, located only 2.7 km from the center of Razma. This route is a must-see in Razma.

The short distance and the soft terrain make this visit feasible for anyone. The cave is located only 700 m from the main road.

Leaving Razma, walk along the asphalt to the pine forest. On the road to Vrith, after covering 2 km on foot or by car, you reach a parking place (WP -1). From here begins the path.

The cave is located in an area covered by such a thick vegetation, that sometimes you can lose your way. In order for the path to be more visible and clearer, the branches should be pruned. The path passes near a small field and a cattle ranch. The cave lies underground, its interior does not appear until you approach it. Around the cave we see rocks and rocky cracks, merged with the vegetation. We reach the cave after walking for about 700 m (WP – 1). And we see its entrance gradually descending underground. The Shtog cave is a karst cave, with an area of approximately 60 m². It is all in one piece and without branches or other galleries. This cave is also used by locals to keep livestock. You may notice also some damage to the stalactites.

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