Razëm –Krenazhdol – Q. Kunores – G.Vrinit

Razëm –Krenazhdol – Q. Kunores – G.Vrinit

Distance:               5.8 Km

Relief:                    min:1085m / max: 1611m

Duration:              3 Hours

Difficulty:             Medium

The path includes Razëm (1085m), Krenazhdol (1185m), Q. Kunores (1600 m) and the Pit of Vrin (1087m). Distances:

Razëm (center) – Krenazhdol: 2.3km;

Krenazhdol – Qafë të Kunores – “Neck of the Crown“: 2.5km;

Qafa and Kunores – Pit of Vrin: 1.2 km.

In total, the path is 6km long. Surface water sources are extremely scarce in Razma and the surrounding area, due to its karstic formation. Despite the high amount of annual rainfall, water is generally supplied through the wells. Nonetheless, exactly the karst confers the area a lot of charm.. Before leaving, it would be better to get enough supplies of water and sunscreen (especially in the months of July-August).The next water sources are in Krenazhdol and in the Pit of Vrin.

We start from Razma to Krenazhdol and pass on the road that leads to Fushezeze. The road is in good conditions, but it is unpaved. Small beeches and junipers accompany us along the way to the panorama of the Kunora side. We are at the point where the path divides (WP – 1). The main road continues to north-east to Fushëzeza, while Krenazhdol is north-west – in this direction, we will follow. Krenazhdol (WP 2) is a seasonal inhabited area of ​​37 houses, located on a plateau surrounded by beech trees, and its inhabitants come and populate it during the summer (May-October). The inhabitants of Krenazhdol come from different places, Kastrat, Koplik, Bajza, Bratosh. They mainly deal with livestock, but there are also those who come to spend the summer away from the hot areas to enjoy the fresh and clean air of Krenazhdol, where the average temperatures during the summer reach 18-20 ° C. In Krenazhdol we can take a short break and refill our water bottles at the well (WP 3), which is very important for the inhabitants as it remains the only source of water.

We leave Krenazhdol to climbs towards Qafa e Kunores – “Neck of Crown“, where the path becomes steeper. A fire many years ago stripped almost the entire slope of Kunore, which was once wooded with tall pine trees. In summer, when the high temperatures reach the maximum during the day, it is necessary to pay attention as it is an area where we may come across snakes. (WP 4) is a segment of the path that must be cleared of fallen trees.

After a few minutes of walk from the last stop, we can take a short break with a wide view of the area (WP 5): to the southeast, there is Graben and beyond, the Kurrila mountain range. To the south Razma, Vrithi, Dedaj and to the southwest Koplik and Lake of Shkoder.

We arrive at the Neck of Kunora (WP 6) (1600m), the highest point of the path. From here you can see the pit and the mountain pastures of Vrini. There are still 1.2 km to arrive to the end of the track. Both Krenazhdol and Pit of Vrin are a temporary place of residence, families from the Kastrat area come here in mid-June and leave this place by the end of October, when the grazing season for livestock ends. In winter, the pit of Vrin is blocked and isolated from the snow. The village is located in a meadow surrounded by beech and pine trees. It has 14-15 houses, built out of wood, pastures (fenced for breeding in summer), shelters and artificial ponds for livestock, water wells and some bunkers of the communist system.

During the summer, this area works as a mountain pasture and in its center, there is a bar/restaurant (WP 7) where you can consume fresh local products. In addition, owners of restaurants in the surrounding area come and buy dairy products such as cheese, butter, yogurt, ricotta and beef. Vrini is connected with Fushezeza, Drugomir, small Bjezhgazh and big Bjezhgazh. The main road also passes through Vrin.

(WP 8) is the cave located on the south side of the Kunore slope. It is a cave with a small surface and water inside, but it is not known if the water is drinkable. During summer, the water can dry out.





Latitude and longitude WayPoints


1*  WP 1   N42° 21′ 30.6″ E19° 33′ 28.2″  1187m North-east Fushëzeza, North-west Krenazhdol

2*  WP 2  N42° 21′ 32.9″ E19° 33′ 12.4″  1185m  Krenazhdol center

3*  WP 3  N42° 21′ 43.7″ E19° 33′ 06.2″  1165m  Water well in Krenazhdol

4*  WP 4   N42° 21′ 59.0″ E19° 32′ 54.4″  1321m  Section of the path to be cleaned

5*  WP 5   N42° 22′ 08.5″ E19° 32′ 57.6″  1494m  Place to rest, observation point

6*  WP 6   N42° 22′ 16.4″ E19° 32′ 53.0″  1600m  Qafa e Kunores “Neck of the Crown

7*  WP 7   N42° 22′ 35.8″ E19° 32′ 44.8″  1087m G.Vrinit center, Coffee-bar & Restaurant

8*  WP 8   N42° 22′ 04.7″ E19° 32′ 40.6″  1374m  Cave on the side of Kunora

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