Razëm – Greben – Qafa Bilanit “Neck of Bilan” – Xhaj

Razëm – Greben – Qafa Bilanit “Neck of Bilan” – Xhaj


Distance:               4.5 Km

Relief                     min:990m / max: 1373m

Duration:              2 Hours

Difficulty:             Easy +

The path includes Razëm (1085m), Graben (1096m) and the Neck of Bilan (1373m). Distances:

Razëm – Graben: 2.6km;

Graben – Bilan Neck: 1.9km;

in total 4.5km.

Along this path, there are no sources of water. It is thus recommended to carry enough water with you, despite this is not long trail.

Around Razma there are three camps: Razma, Fusha e Zeze – “Black Field“, and Troshan. The path alternates segments on the main road with others on the pedestrian path.

We start by heading east to the Razma camp, and at (WP 1) the route continues south-east. At (WP 2), a ramp, we head north-east and in (WP 3) another ramp crosses the road and heads south-east.

We are now in the field of Razma, a small neighborhood with few houses, surrounded by fields of potatoes, corn, beans, etc. Leaving this field, we head towards Graben through the beech forest. We approach another branch (WP 4) and head head north-east; the center of Graben (WP 5) is not far. Here, under the shadows of a house and a well (it is uncertain whether the water is drinkable or not), we can rest. A few meters ahead there is another house.

In (WP 6) there is a cave, little on the surface, but very important for the inhabitants of the area. When you enter the cave, you hear the gurgling of groundwater, and, to access it, the owners of the land have started the excavations in an artisanal way. For lack of funds, they left the excavation mid-way. Residents are of the opinion that the noise in the cave is the waterway – opinion later confirmed by a study. We climb up the neck to the side of Graben covered by beech trees.The path (WP 7) needs cleaning from fallen trees.

It remains 1 km until the Neck of Bilan (1373m) (WP 8), which is also the highest point of the path. In the neck, we should have the uttermost attention, since the pavement is uneven and slippery. Walking in the direction of the summit – north-east –  there is the peak of Grabeni (1556m) and further up on the ridge is Maja e Vogël – “the Little Peak” (1762m) and higher the peak of Pultinza of 1850m circa. From Neck of Bilan we have a very nice view: to the north-east you can see the Dragan mountain pastures and beyond, the mountain of Rraba, in the Boga area. To the south the Kurrila mountain range.


Latitudine e longitudine WayPoints


1*   WP 1  N42° 20′ 41.3″ E19° 33′ 07.9″  1076m   Crossroad, Direction south-east

2*   WP 2  N42° 20′ 39.9″ E19° 33′ 10.0″  1062m   Crossroad, Direction north-east

3*   WP 3  N42° 20′ 39.9″ E19° 33′ 15.1″  1030m   Crossroad, Direction south-east

4*   WP 4  N42° 20′ 28.1″ E19° 34′ 08.4″  1103m   Crossroad, Direction north-east

5*   WP 5  N42° 20′ 27.3″ E19° 34′ 15.7″  1096m   Graben center

6*   WP 6  N42° 20′ 17.8″ E19° 34′ 22.6″  1111m   Cave of Graben

7*   WP 7  N42° 20′ 09.7″ E19° 34′ 24.0″  1137m   Cleaning of the path, Graben’s side

8*   WP 7  N42° 19′ 57.4″ E19° 34′ 46.9″  1372m   Qafa e Bilanit “Neck of Bilan

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