Razëm – Fushëzezë – Qafë e Keqe “Bad Neck”- Bogë

Razëm – Fushëzezë – Qafë e Keqe “Bad Neck”- Bogë

Distance:               14.7 Km

Relief:                    min:889m / max: 1567m

Duration:              6 Hours

Difficulty:             Medium

The path includes Razma (1085 m), Fushëzeza (1316 m), Qafë Keqe (1554 m) and Boga (950 m).


Razëm – Fushëzezë: 6.8 km;

Fushëzezë – Qafa Keqe: 2.4 km;

Qafë Keqe – Bogë: 5.5 km.

In total, the track is 14.7 km long.

In winter, the path to Qafë Keqe – “Bad Neck” is covered with snow, it becomes accessible towards the second half of April. It should be noted the lack of water source along the path, but only in in Fushezeza and Bogë. In some places the path is also exposed to sunlight and the first part is crossed by the main road. It is best to depart with enough water and sunscreen, especially in July and August. The road leading to Fushëzeze is unpaved but can be crossed by 4×4 car.

We begin to walk along the path between beech and juniper trees. At (WP-1), don’t take the north-west path that leads to Krenazhdol, but the north-east one, that continues towards Fushëzeza. From (WP – 2) we see the villages Luis and Razma.

We arrive in Fushëzeze after passing 6.8 km. Fushëzeza (WP – 3) is inhabited only during the summer, there are about 35 houses. Residents of the Kastrat area come to Fusheza in June and leave at the end of October. During the summer they mainly deal with livestock. While in Fushezeze, in addition to cattle, women and children also take care of collecting medicinal herbs. Fushezeze connects to the pit of Vrin through the main road. It is also connected to Bishkas and Drugomir. At its center there are two bars (WP – 4). Drinking water in Fushezeze is taken from 300 m higher. In Fushezeza there is also the last place where we can supply ourselves with water, until we reach Boga there are no water sources along this route. It is said that Fushezeze has been nicknamed Fushezeze “Black Field” because of the density of beech and fir trees it once had. We leave Fushezeze and head east to Qafe Keqe “Bad Neck” (WP – 5). The path becomes steeper and occasionally we cut along the main road until we reach the neck. We are in Qafa Keqe at 1554 m above sea level (WP – 6), this is also the highest place on the path and at the same time a stop and observation point.

From the east we see the top of Rraba, to the north-east the summit of Bridash, to the south the mountain of Pultinza and to the north-west the summit of Boçan. We descend carefully for about 1.5 km on a steep and bare path of trees. (WP – 7) the water source but probably during the summer it dries out of water. We crossed the most difficult part of the path. The descent becomes more gradual and we walk in the shade of the beech trees, followed by hornbeam trees and hazelnuts. We arrive in a small neighborhood very close to Boga, where the water source is located (WP – 8). We cross Përroin e Thatë “The dry stream” and hook onto the main road, head north-east and walk for about 1.3 km and reach the center of Boga (WP – 9). At the same place heading north, the path leads to visit the Great Cave of Boga. The path on both sides is raised with a stone wall and the wooden crosses accompany you to the entrance of the cave. (WP – 10) The large cave of Boga is tall and wide and has the shape of a shelter. The priest Don Lek Serdani, executed long ago by the communist regime, took refuge in this cave. The residents together with the local priest come to the cave every year and honor the figure of Don Lek Serdani. We must be careful during our stay in the cave because erosion has shattered it and the stones of the cave ceiling detaches occasionally.


Latitude and longitude WayPoints


1* WP 1     N42° 21′ 30.6″ E19° 33′ 28.2″1187 m             Crossroad, North-west  Krenazhdol

2* WP 2     N42° 21′ 51.5″ E19° 34′ 30.2″   1242 m              Checkpoint, Luis village

3* WP 3     N42° 23′ 00.3″ E19° 35′ 04.2″   1316 m              Fushëzezë  center

4* WP 4     N42° 23′ 00.8″ E19° 35′ 03.0″   1316 m              Coffee-Bar

5* WP 5     N42° 22′ 53.9″ E19° 35′ 09.4″   1291 m              Crossroad, East – Qafë Keqe

6* WP 6     N42° 22′ 45.3″ E19° 36′ 29.6″   1554 m              Qafa Keqe

7* WP 7     N42° 22′ 56.0″ E19° 37′ 13.2″   1136 m              Water source

8* WP 8     N42° 23′ 24.7″ E19° 38′ 07.6″     900 m              Water source near Boga

9* WP 9    N42° 23′ 58.4″ E19° 38′ 53.7″     950 m        Bogë center, North – Great Cave of Boga

10* WP 10   N42° 24′ 09.0″ E19° 38′ 55.7″  1010 m             Great Cave of Boga

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