Preke Gjeloshaj

Name of producer / operator:  Prekë Gjeloshaj

Type of activityDairy “Reçi Prodhimtar”
Type of product / service:
White and caciocavallo cheese from cow and goat
Village: Reç (Administrative unit of Shkrel)
Region / Municipality:
Malësi e Madhe
Armando with his father Preka take care of the milk processing, and they started the business in 2013 in the village of Rec.

To produce the cheese, they used both cow’s and goat’s milk.

The family produces white cheese and caciocavallo cheese, collecting milk from all over the Shkrel area.
They mainly sell in Malësi and Madhe and Prishtina and the customers are especially restaurants and families, but in recent years they have participated in many fairs increasing the sale of products and establishing new contacts.

CONTACT: +355 68 56 65945

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