Poica Canyon

Poica Canyon

It has a length of about 40 km. It is called Dry Stream because despite being located in one of the rainiest areas in Albania, its bed has no water. Due to the pronounced karst terrain, most of the year there is underground runoff and there is terrestrial runoff only during the winter during heavy rains.

The stream (canyon) begins between the Shala and Dukagjini mountains and completely crosses the Shkreli valley and ends in Shkodra’s Lake. Throughout its length, the deepest point is located in the village of Dedaj, which reaches a depth of 50 – 60 m, while in Zagora (Poica) the stream narrows to form a canyon with a depth of 20-30 m. Here the stream narrows so much that there are places where light does not penetrate, and crossing the entire length of the canyon is difficult. In rocky sites, water activity has formed karst caves and cavities with very interesting shapes, some of which, in terms of size, can be considered caves.

The refraction of light through the rocky walls gives the canyon a special appearance. The trip in this part can be done by anyone because it does not present difficulties.

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