Pepushaj Lepushë


1. Name              Bujtina Pepushaj Lepushë
2. Owner Besnik Pepushaj
3. Village Lepushë
4. Contact number 0692308448/ 0696919961 (viber – WhatsApp)
5. E-mail
6. Website 
7. N. of  rooms 6
8. N. of  beds 25
9. N. of  bathrooms 5
10. Price/ Hotel  + Breakfast   15 euro
11. Foreign language used English
12. Season of the year when they’re open 1 april – 1 december
13. Guesthouse’s capacity 50 people
14. Typical dishes Herbs byrek, boiled cheese, kaçimak, Mishavinë, skewered meat
15. Offered services Food-accommodation, car transport, horse transport, tour guide.
16. Description The Pepushaj guesthouse located in the heart of the picturesque village of Lepusha has opened its doors to welcome local and foreign tourists. The guesthouse offers the opportunity to get to know the most beautiful mountains in this area and the typical village life, with traditional and well-known dishes based on milk derivatives, in particular the already famous and beloved “Mishavine cheese”.

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