Kelmend is known for the great actions and brave fighters, including Nora. A mountaineer, to whom God had given not only beauty, but also courage and cunning.

During Turkish rule, Kelmendi fought to protect the lands, but poverty and cold weather had their part.

One day a rumor circulated that anyone who will surrender in those days, whether man or woman, would have been forgiven and compensated for the damage caused by the war. But as a condition for this deal, Kelmend’s people would have brought to Vuçi Pasha the most beautiful girl in this area.

In a meeting to decide how to respond to the Pashà, Nora got up and said: “Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself the most beautiful of these mountains, but I am ready to go to Vuçi Pasha and speak with him as he requested. Know that I do not know what fate I have, but I swear on this sky and this earth that I am going as a virgin and I will return as such “.

The day she decided to go to Pashà, she chose the most beautiful dress she had, as well as the ornaments. Also, didn’t forget to carry a long, thin knife with her in her belt.

When she went to the Turkish camp, she talked to the guard and told him that she has come to meet the Pasha for the deal. The Pashà welcomed her with great pleasure and was shocked by Nora’s beauty. Negotiations on the deal began and the Pasha wanted to convince Nora to surrender. At the right moment, Nora decided to stab the Pasha in the heart.

The Pasha couldn’t even whisper anymore. Nora quickly left the Turkish camp unnoticed and rushed to go and give the good news to Kelmend that the Pasha was gone. A long time has passed but Nora and her courage and ingenuity have not been forgotten.

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