Kopliku winery

The Kopliku winery is located near the city of Koplik. It is a company started about 14 years ago by Mr. Shaqir Hysaj and his family (Mrs. Aferdita, his wife and two sons Fatbardhi and Luani). During these years Mr. Shaqir and Mrs. Aferdita worked to produce quality wine, now also aged, since here we can find 7 year old wine.. This company produces kallmet, trebiana and barbera. It also produces liqueurs and brandy. Since the construction of the wine cellar, it has been planned to produce and store the wine on the first floor, while on the second floor it will be served, accompanied by local products, such as dried bacon, white and yellow cheese, thus evaluating the area and adding flavor to the wine, in particular the Kallmet one which occupies the main place in the Kopliku winery. So, as we see, the second floor of the cellar is finished and ready to welcome local tourists and good summer friends who want to enjoy wine in the open air of the vineyards, facing the lake, a wonderful view, especially in sunset.

Mr. Shaqir owns several hectares of vineyards, which he intends to add as the demand for quality wine is increasing.

Recently, Kantina Kopliku is part of the “Made with Italy” ethical brand launched by the Italian Cooperation, as a guarantee mark in product quality and as an identification of the local organic product.

Being in the center of Malesia e Madhe, but also between the two roads leading to Kelmend and Shkrel, tourists have the opportunity to stop at the Kopliku winery and learn about the best values offered by the plain area of our Malesia and therefore then continue their journey to the mountains, where other values await them.

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