Guesthouse Trojani

1. Name


            Guesthouse Trojani
2. Owner Lin Cekaj
3. Village Lepushe
4. Contact number +355 69 644 9984
5. E-mail


6. Website Facebook: Lin Cekaj
7. N. of  rooms 4
8. N. of  beds 13
9. N. of  bathrooms 2
10. Price/ Hotel  + Breakfast 15 euro
11. Foreign language used English
12. Season of the year when they’re open Whole year
13. Guesthouse’s capacity 14 people
14. Typical dishes meat, cheese, burek, fresh milk cream, baked potatoes, dry meat, jardun, etc…
15. Offered services Accomodation, meals, parking, guide, internet, toilet, etc.
16. Description



The Cekaj family will welcome you in its guesthouse in the middle of an untouched nature, green fields and mountains. Besides the beautiful location, the reasons why you can’t miss the opportunity to stay here are the delicious traditional home-cooked meals as well as the comfort and cleanness of the rooms and the toilets.

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