Guesthouse Sofra e Malësorit

1. Name


Guesthouse “Sofra e Malësorit”
2. Owner Martin Milaj
3. Village Razem
4. Contact number 067 351 2254
5. E-mail
6. Number of rooms 6
7. Number of beds 18
8. Number of bathrooms 6
9. Price 20 euro/person
10. Foreign language used –        (only albanian)
11. Season in which is opened Whole year
12. Capacity 18
13. Typical dishes
14. Offered services
15. Description Three two-storey guesthouses, placed in the middle of a beech forest, built in a characteristic alpine style, create a very relaxing place. At the “Sofra e Malësorit” (Sofra of Highlander) you can feel the pleasure of a comfortable stay. The traditional breakfast is the one that blends better with the surrounding environment. Passionate hikers can climb the Velecik mountain (1725 m), accompanied by local guides.

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