Guesthouse Agroturizem Rruga e Mullirit

1. Name


Guesthouse “Agroturizem Rruga e Mullirit”
2. Owner Zina Markaj
3. Village Reç
4. Contact number +355 69 31 98 026
5. E-mail
6. Number of rooms 3
7. Number of beds 5
8. Number of bathrooms 2
9. Price 16 euros/person


10. Foreign language used English
11. Season in which is opened  Whole year
12. Capacity 15 – 20 people
13. Typical dishes Baked potatoes, skewered or baked meat, pomegranate and dogwood juice, chestnuts.
14. Offered services Info for the area, guide, accommodation, food.
15. Description “Agroturizem Rruga e Mullirit” (The mill road Farm) aims to provide a mountain tourism service to local and foreign tourists who like to visit Reç. Currently, the activity is organized in the form of a guesthouse with the capacity of 3 rooms with 2 beds, with traditional food, guides in the chestnut forest area, in Repisht, Rrjoll Valley, Balleza Castle, Pigeon cave, ruins of churches of Sant’Ilias, etc. Entertainment activities that recall the cultural traditions of the area.

The cuisine represents tradition,art and technology. In a philological sense, this area represents a treasure of dishes based mainly on the products of the area, a tradition created over the centuries and the use of the natural and vegetable resources of the region.

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