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4-days trekking in North ALbania

4-days trekking in North ALbania Discovering Malesi e Madhe the story The eldest inhabitants of Kelmend narrate that the first who settled in this territory were four brothers: Nili, Vuli, Seli, and Boli. From their families and generation after generation, four villages were formed: Nikç, Vukel, Selca, and Boga. During summer, shepherds from Vukel used […]


SHKODRA LAKE TOUR Departuring from Koplik city towards the village of Sterbeq, after 10 minutes you will be on the lake shore where the fishermen wait for you. Sitting on their boats, you will head towards the Shegan’s Eye. During the boat ride across the Shkodra Lake, the fishermen will tell you about their daily […]