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Kelmend’s potatoes

Kelmend’s potatoes Historically in the area of Kelmend has not been easy to supply “bread” due to the very limited surface of agricultural land, which represents only 3% of the surface of the municipality. It is composed of very small lots that are scattered in very small pieces. On average, farmers have 0.20 ha of […]

Kelmend’s Blueberries

Kelmend’s Blueberries Kelmend’s blueberry is a very special fruit, it emerges and grows spontaneously in the Kelmend mountains. It has a dark blue color and is slightly larger than other blueberries from other areas. The healing properties of Blueberry are many, it helps the brain, the heart and protects the eyes and skin. It reduces […]

Mishavina of the mountains of Kelmend

Mishavina is a special type of cheese that is produced only in the Kelmend area, respectively in Selca, Vukel, Nikc, Broja and in the villages of Lepusha and Vermosh. It is produced by combining cow’s milk or even by mixing cow’s and sheep’s milk. The cheese is left to dry in the sun for 7-10 […]

Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice Kelmend is full of wild pomegranates everywhere along the road from Grabo to Selca. Pomegranate juice is prepared by families, but also by producers who trade it outside the area. The period in which it is produced is during the month of October, when the pomegranates are half open from ripening. The ideal […]

Milk cream Çapra

Milk cream Çapra Capra milk cream is a dairy product widely prepared and consumed in the villages of Kelmend. Residents say the cream preparation dates back to around 400-500 years ago. Traditionally, the skin of a kidskin or lamb (the çapra) has been used to store milk cream, but since 25-30 years its storage is […]

Dried meat

Dried meat One of the traditional ways of storing meat in the Kelmend area is drying it. For drying, it is mainly used pork, a breed that is a cross between the local breed and the Montenegrin breed. The most suitable period for drying the meat is during the months of November-December, when the slaughter […]

Wild trout

Wild trout   Wild trout, also known as “trout with red dots”, is known in the area as “Cem trout” because it is found in the river Cem. Unlike other types of trout, Cemi’s wild trout has a green-brown color that contrasts with the red spots scattered all over its skin. In recent years there […]

Burek with nena

Burek with nena Nena (Chenopodium bonus-henricus) is a wild herb also known as wild spinach. It is mainly used by Kelmend shepherds who spend the summer months on the mountains in the area, but certainly also by housewives who prepare byrek. The latter is the most popular dish and most often prepared by local families. […]

Kecle of meat

Kecle of meat The Kelmend area has historically been characterized by pig breeding, in addition to other animals. As such, the pig has always occupied a very important place on the Kelmendas table. To prepare the Kecles, which in other dialects are also known as “zhigla”, is used the thicker part of the pig consisting […]


Jardun Jardun is a product widely used for years in the Kelmend area. This product reflects the typical use of sheep’s milk in the area. The preparation is quite simple and involves the following steps: after milking, the raw milk is put on low heat adding a little salt and stirring constantly for about 20 […]