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“Carraca” of Vrrith

“Carraca” of Vrrith It is located near the village of Vrrith, at an altitude of around 900 m above sea level. It is a separate carraca tree (Celtis australis). Its height is 10 m, trunk diameter 1 m, age 200 years. It is kept in good condition by the villagers themselves, who have opened a […]

Mrizi (the Beech) of the flea

Mrizi (the Beech) of the flea It is located 1000 m above sea level. It is a tree with a special trunk and crown with a height of 25 m, a trunk diameter of 1.5 m and an age of over 250 years. It has scientific (biological and ecological), cultural, educational and tourist values.

Wulfenia of the Path of Sheeps

Wulfenia of the Path of Sheeps Wulfenia di Baldaci. It is located up to 1700 m above sea level, in the Sheeps path that connects the Boga valley with the Thethi pit, in the peak of Parun and in the Shtog pass. It is a biotope with the Albanian endemic species of Wulfenia Baldaci, accompanied […]

Cave of Puçi

Cave of Puçi The Puçi cave is located at 1800 m above sea level on Mount Çardak in Boga. The cave inside is 5 km long. This is one of the largest and most interesting caves in Europe. Its gallery is so long that it is thought to be connected to the cave of Husi. […]

Cave of Wet People

Cave of Wet People It is located in the village of Boga, on the southeastern slope of Mount Çardak, at an altitude of 2050 m above sea level. This cave has a mainly vertical development, with numerous wells or chimneys, which are intertwined with horizontal galleries. It descends to 347 m of depth (part explored), […]

Water well of Gjek Marku

Water well of Gjek Marku It is located on the western mountain of Boga, an infinitely deep well, from the entrance of which a very cold air emerges. It has the shape of a vertical axis approximately 232 m deep (explored). There is a very large rock near the cave. Gjek Marku (habitant of the […]

Poica Canyon

Poica Canyon It has a length of about 40 km. It is called Dry Stream because despite being located in one of the rainiest areas in Albania, its bed has no water. Due to the pronounced karst terrain, most of the year there is underground runoff and there is terrestrial runoff only during the winter […]

Fluvial-glacial deposits of Boga

Fluvial-glacial deposits of Boga They are located in the village of Ducaj, at 830 m above sea level. These are deposits from the Boga glacial valley. They arrived there from the slope of the mountain, from the streams and from the water during the melting of the glacier on the mountain

Chestnut tree of Reç

Chestnut tree of Reç Influenced by the climate, the microclimate and above all by the composition of the soil, Reç is the only area in Malesia e Madhe where chestnut fruits grow, in an area of about 500 hectares, which are located in the villages of Reç, Mosel, Qafëgradë , Repisht and Kokëpapaj. Of this […]

Kelmend Nature Monuments

Wellsprings of Koprrisht On the Koprrisht pastures, above the village of Selca, there is the hydro-monument of the Koprrisht springs, at 1450 m above sea level. They are karst springs with a flow of 600 l / sec) Wellsprings of Vukel The springs of Vukel, which have been declared natural monuments, are located in the […]