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John’s Eye

John’s Eye It is located near the village of Grudë Fushë, in the municipality of Gruemirë of Malësia e Madhe. Karst spring, which comes into contact with the limestone rocks of the western Alps with the quaternary deposits of upper Shkodra. It is a source of great flow. There is water all year round. Its […]

Water sources of Rrjoll –Paja

Water sources of Rrjoll –Paja These springs pass to the left of the stream and about 2.0 km above the bed of the stream of the same name, above the village of Kokaj and end up in Shkodra lake. The altitude of their exit from the rocky fissures is about 500 m Abs. This water […]

The mills and the venici of Rrjoll

The mills and the venici of Rrjoll From the “Register of Land Registry and Concessions for the district of Shkoder for the years 1416 – 1417 we find that in the length of the river Rrjoll there were about 44 grinding mills and the valanica where they produced Shajak, for the clothing of other mountaineers, […]

The well of Lepurosh

The well of Lepurosh It appears as the oldest and deepest well in the northern region. It is believed to be over 400 years old. Next to this well were the Austrian military posts and the village of Lepurosh.

Church and water source of Letaj

Church and water source of Letaj They are not far from each other. If we look at the church, only the remains of the walls remain, because this represents an old ancient church. While the water source still exists today as it was built many years ago.

Cobblestone road of Rjoll

Cobblestone road of Rjoll It is one of the oldest cobblestones in Europe, it was like a connecting road between Ballexa Castle and Marshej Castle. It is also known by the residents of the area as the Kadri Çela cobblestone. This still exists today in excellent condition. It is also known by the tourist guides […]

Church of St. John in Rrash-Kullaj

Church of St. John in Rrash-Kullaj It is located in the village of Rrash-Kullaj, not far from Gruemira. The church is known as a very ancient building, more than a thousand years old. This building is a sacred place visited by thousands of pilgrims and has the same values as the Church of Lac. The […]

Meadow circus of Boga

Meadow circus of Boga The Meadow Circus of Boga has an altitude of 1820 m and is also called Alpine pasture. Because of its altitude, which characterizes the alpine pastures, it is called Meadow.

Linden tree of Bzheta

Linden tree of Bzheta Located at an altitude of 400 m above sea level, with an age of over 200 years, the color of this tree’s leaves varies from one side to the other, which is only noticeable from above. It is said that this tree was planted by the inhabitants themselves for protection against […]

Morenes of Razma

Morenes of Razma Morenes of Razma are found at an altitude above 1000 m. They are characterized by ice accumulations and belong to the Quaternary period (1806 million years ago), but the changes continue today.