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The Legend of Gruemire

The Legend of Gruemire The name of the municipality takes its name from a village in the center of this municipality called Gruemirë. The name of this village derives from a good woman who was filling water in the wells of that time which were located near the source in the north of the village […]


Over the centuries, Kelmendi was crossed by an animal path from Shkoder and Podgorica and passed through Gucia and Peja. As an important stop for travelers, in a village now called Tamara, there was an inn and an unsafe bridge over the river. The bridge was often destroyed by torrential waters, so much so that […]


Kelmend is known for the great actions and brave fighters, including Nora. A mountaineer, to whom God had given not only beauty, but also courage and cunning. During Turkish rule, Kelmendi fought to protect the lands, but poverty and cold weather had their part. One day a rumor circulated that anyone who will surrender in […]

SLLAPI waterfall

In Kelmend there is a place called Selcë. Here there is a waterfall called The Sllapi waterfall, which originates from the Rikavec lake, located in Montenegro. This waterfall also has a legend. A poor family in Selca sends their son as a servant to a wealthy family from Montenegro, where he starts working as a […]


In Vermosh there is a spring called Red Water. At the time when the borders were established in Kelmend, Montenegro wanted to take that part of Vermosh where this source was located. During the negotiations that the leaders of Montenegro were making with the Albanian leaders, including Prekë Cali, the Montenegrins claimed that this area […]


 (narcissus) Bojësoleke is a flower that blossoms in the Kelmend mountains. To describe its beauty, the inhabitants of Kelmend have a legend. One day the Lord asked the bees to bring him one flower each, from the most beautiful flowers he has ever created and from which bees usually get the nectar. The bees collected […]