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Fluvial-glacial deposits of Boga

Fluvial-glacial deposits of Boga They are located in the village of Ducaj, at 830 m above sea level. These are deposits from the Boga glacial valley. They arrived there from the slope of the mountain, from the streams and from the water during the melting of the glacier on the mountain

Chestnut tree of Reç

Chestnut tree of Reç Influenced by the climate, the microclimate and above all by the composition of the soil, Reç is the only area in Malesia e Madhe where chestnut fruits grow, in an area of about 500 hectares, which are located in the villages of Reç, Mosel, Qafëgradë , Repisht and Kokëpapaj. Of this […]

The cave of Wet People

The cave of Wet People It is located in the village of Bogë, on the southeastern slope of the Çardak mountain, at an altitude of 2050 m above sea level. It is the second deepest cave in Albania, at 520 m. This cave has a mainly vertical development, with numerous wells or chimneys, which are […]

Cave of Gjek Marku

Cave of Gjek Marku It is located on the neck of Mekseza in the village of Bogë at an altitude of 1800 m above sea level. The entrance begins with a hole of 5 m in diameter. With this width it continues up to a depth of 15 m, from where two other vertical chimneys […]

The cave of Cilikokaj

The cave of Cilikokaj It is located at an altitude of 1840 m above sea level, on the Bridasha path above the village of Bogë. It got its name from the birds that come in to spend the night. It is a large well-formed karst well in the limestone of the upper Triassic and lower […]

Cave of Puci

Cave of Puci This cave is located in the village of Bogë, on the northern slope of Mount Çardak, at an altitude of 1087 m above sea level. It is a real maze, with several floors, over 5 km long and 370 m deep. It ranks among the largest and most interesting caves in Europe. […]

Shpella e Gurrës

Name of the cave Shpella e Gurrës Village Reç Coordinates 42.24486 19.54092 Legal Status No protection Bats Species Rhinolophus ferrumequinum Rhinolophus hipposideros Cave Description The cave is composed by several rooms and a main corridor made by humans. After 20m, this corridor is reaching a natural cave with numerous geological features. After 20m the cave […]

Kelmend Nature Monuments

Wellsprings of Koprrisht On the Koprrisht pastures, above the village of Selca, there is the hydro-monument of the Koprrisht springs, at 1450 m above sea level. They are karst springs with a flow of 600 l / sec) Wellsprings of Vukel The springs of Vukel, which have been declared natural monuments, are located in the […]

Shpella e Straxhes

Name of the cave Shpella e Straxhes Village Lohe Coordinates 42.26170 19.52944 Legal Status No protection   Cave Description This cave is vertical (at least 30m deep). Other ·         Very difficult trail to reach the cave Proposal This cave could be a touristic attraction, only for speleologists. However, it could be important first to “clean” […]

Shpella e Mullinit

Name of the cave Shpella e Mullinit Village Bogë Coordinates 42.39927 19.63185 Legal Status No protection   Cave Description A waterfall can be found inside the cave (5m long, 10m high). This water is used by inhabitants. Other ·         The cave is located near a waterfall Proposal This cave itself is not interesting as touristic […]