Bujtina Vëllezërit Arlind e Klaus Lumaj

1. Name


Bujtina “Vëllezërit Arlind e Klaus Lumaj”
2. Owner Leonard Lumaj
3. Village Vermosh
4. Contact number 069 303 0733


5. E-mail  –


6. Website   –
7. N. of  rooms  6
8. N. of  beds 18
9. N. of  bathrooms  5
10. Price/ Hotel  + Breakfast 15 euro
11. Foreign language used English
12. Season of the year when they’re open 12 months
13. Guesthouse’s capacity 20 people
14. Typical dishes Vermosh baked potatoes with milk cream and mishavina, flaky pastry with different flavors, pickles, meat and fish dishes.
15. Offered services  

Food, accommodation, parking, Wi-Fi, transportation.


16. Description


Leonard Lumaj Guesthouse is located in the village of Vermosh. In this characteristic stone guesthouse, three generations will welcome you. You will be enchanted by the wonderful nature of the Kelmend Mountains. The house offers relaxing facilities and traditional cuisine with delicious dishes that will be served to you in this Guesthouse, which has an old structure that combines modernity and tradition. Your stay in this guesthouse will be very pleasant and you can explore nature and the many activities that the area offers!

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