Bujtina Aliaj

1. Name


            “Bujtina Aliaj”
2. Owner Kolë Aliaj
3. Village Lepushe
4. Contact number           (646) 258 – 3677  whatsapp/viber
5. E-mail kolealiaj@aol.com


6. Website www.aliajguesthouse.com
7. N. of  rooms 4
8. N. of  beds 16
9. N. of  bathrooms 3
10. Price/ Hotel  + Breakfast 13 euro
11. Foreign language used english
12. Season of the year when they’re open June – November
13. Guesthouse’s capacity 16 people
14. Typical dishes Skewered meat, boiled cheese, mishavina, burek / lakror with mountain herbs, fresh milk cream.
15. Offered services Accommodation, meals, camping, parking  etc.
16. Description


The Aliaj guesthouse is located in one of the villages most frequented by local and foreign tourists, called Lepushe. In addition to the many natural beauties and the clean air, this village has another special thing, the Cursed Mountains. The Aliaj guesthouse is exactly in front of this rare beauty. The time spent in this guesthouse will be very enjoyable, learning the traditions and enjoying the many typical traditional dishes of the area.

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