Bogë – Pit of the Door – Path of the Lambs – Theth  

Bogë – Pit of the Door – Path of the Lambs – Theth


Distance:               10.6 Km

Relief                     min:740m / max: 1820m

Duration:              5 Hours

Difficulty:             Medium

This path includes Boga (950 m), Pit of Porta – “of the Door” (1615 m), the path of Lambs (1820 m) and in the end Thethi (750 m).


Bogë – Gropa e Portës “Pit of Porta”: 1.7 km;

Gropa e Portës – Shtegut të Dhenve “Path of the Lambs”: 1.2 km;

Shtegu i Dhenve – Theth: 2.1 km.

The whole path has the total length of 10.6 km. During winter the path is covered by snow and it becomes viable during May, when the snow melts. This is the path that was once covered by the inhabitants of Theth to pass loaded or together with the cattle, when the main road was not yet open, or even nowadays to take a shortcut from Theth towards Boga and then to Shkoder.

The path starts at the end of Boga after the Okol camp, near the main road. The path officially begins in (WP – 1). We head north-east and follow the main road, recently opened but not paved, which leads up to the Gropa e Portës – “Pit of Porta“. The road passes through the center of a dense forest, under the shade of beech trees. At crossroad (WP – 2), we head east and cut short in the direction of the old path.

We leave the forest and admire the beautiful panorama of the Pit of Porta. A concave plateau, with a flat green floor, surrounded by high peaks (WP – 3). There are wooden houses, but you can see that they are not expecting visitors, since they are not yet functional. Nearby is a source of cold and light water (WP – 4). The water stream begins many kilometers away from here, at the feet of Mount Radohima, where there is the mountain pasture, as well.

Families come here in June and leave in September. During summer, you can find dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, butter. To the north, the path leads to Radohima while to the southeast, up to Qafe t’Thores – “Neck of Thore“. We head east and continue our itinerary up to the neck of the Path of the Sheeps. We climb for about 1.2 km to the path that passes through the rocks and surrounded by tall pine trees. We reach the neck of the Path of the Sheep (1820 m) (WP –5), the highest point on the route. The neck is narrow and rocky. To the south, near the neck, is the Peak of the Path (2109 m).

From here we see the Thethi valley, the neck of Valbona, the Boshi peak and more beyond the Krasniqe summit and the Lukbati summit. We must be careful that the soil at the other end of the neck is more dangerous and more difficult. We descend cautiously knowing that the ground is crumbly with unstable stones. The peculiarity of the path is the endemic flower Wulfenia Baldacci (WP-6), which bears the name of the Italian botanist who discovered it. We continue to zigzag between the pines and the beeches until we meet the main road coming from Qafe T’thores, but we leave it and continue the path. From time to time we will pass the main road again.

At the branch (WP-7), we continue east. We pass by the houses of the Gjeçaj district and continue towards the Bajrak of Theth. We have to cross the bridge to the Bajrak district and head south-east to reach the center of Theth.



Latitude and longitude WayPoints


1* WP 1     N42° 23′ 45.9″ E19° 42′ 46.1″   1311 m      Path start, at the end of the field of Okol

2* WP 2     N42° 23′ 56.0″ E19° 43′ 19.0″   1559 m      Crossroad,  east – Gropa e Portës

3* WP 3     N42° 24′ 01.3″ E19° 43′ 27.7″   1615 m      Gropa e Portës “Pit of Porta

4* WP 4     N42° 24′ 01.1″ E19° 43′ 24.1″   1596 m      Water source at Gropa e Portës

5* WP 5     N42° 23′ 59.8″ E19° 44′ 06.4″   1820 m      Neck of the Path of Lambs

6* WP 6     N42° 23′ 59.0″ E19° 44′ 09.0″   1800 m      Endemic flower – Wulfenia Baldacci

7* WP 7     N42° 23′ 56.8″ E19° 45′ 06.9″   1201 m      East – the path continue

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