Boga Alpine Resort

1. Name


“Boga Alpine Resort”
2. Owner Gjon Ulaj
3. Village Bogë
4. Contact number 0673706462
5. E-mail
6. Website
7. Number of rooms 6
8. Number of beds 15
9. Number of bathrooms 10
10. Price 15 euro/person
11. Foreign language used English


12. Season in which is opened Whole year
13. Capacity 15 people
14. typical dishes Mediterranean (ushqim mesdhetar)
15. Offered services Restaurant, camping, info + guide, parking, hotel, entertainment activities.
16. Description An old house remodeled in an English style, where the traditional has been harmonized with the modern, thus offering a very comfortable stay and at the same time the best Albanian tradition. The Boga Alpine Resort is in a position where you can enjoy the magic of the high mountain peaks that lie behind it and at the front you will be mesmerized by the stunning view of the Boga Valley. All rooms are equipped with stoves enabling you to be welcomed by the owners even in winter and thus giving you the opportunity to enjoy the stunning white landscape.

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