Bujtina Bjeshkët e Namuna


1. Name  Bujtina “Bjeshkët e Namuna”
2. Owner Fëllënxa Grishaj
3. Village Lepushë
4. Contact number 069 620 4017 (viber, watsapp) 
5. E-mail guesthousebjeshketenamura@gmail.com
6. Website 
7. N. of  rooms 6
8. N. of  beds 24
9. N. of  bathrooms 5
10. Price/ Hotel  + Breakfast   15 euro
11. Foreign language used Italian,   English
12. Season of the year when they’re open 12 months
13. Guesthouse’s capacity 24 people
14. Typical dishes Kaçimak, boiled cheese, bread in the fireplace, skewered meat, baked lamb, milk cream, baked potatoes, Mishavina etc.
15. Offered services Accommodation, food, camping, touristic guide
16. Description The Guesthouse “Bjeshket e Namuna” (the Cursed Mountains) is located in the picturesque village of Lepushe. The guesthouse is surrounded by fascinating views. During the summer, large green meadows and colourful flowers accompany the stay in the guesthouse. In addition to the typical traditional dishes, the fresh air and the beauty of the surrounding nature, this guesthouse also offers the opportunity to purchase typical traditional products made by the members of the family itself.

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