Bar-Restorant Diti

1. Name


Bar-Restorant Diti
2. Owner Tauland Gjonaj
3. Village Koplik


4. Contact number 067 32585244
5. E-mail
6 Website Fb: Bar Restorant Diti

Insta: Bar Restorant Diti

7. N. of  rooms
8. N. of  beds  –
9. N. of  bathrooms 2
10. Price/ average dish 300 lek
11. Foreign language used English
12. Season of the year when they’re open Whole year
13. Restaurant’s capacity 50 people
14. Typical dishes Risotto, pasta, various soups with: meat, vegetables, potatoes, chicken soup, soup with spinach, lemon, dish with beans, baked potatoes, homemade yogurt, fried cheeses, various salads, side dishes, etc.
15. Offered services Bar- restaurant, wifi, bathroom.
16. Description


In the city of Koplik you can find a bar-restaurant with very reasonable prices and high quality service. This restaurant is located in the center of Koplik in the Hebaj Palace. At the Bar-Restaurant Diti it is possible to consume traditional food from the area of Malësia e Madhe, with a high quality service. Anyone who comes here will come back again, because it has very reasonable prices and very high quality products.

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