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Millennial woody plant that belongs to the Fageceae family, the chestnut tree grows in mountainous areas up to 1200m above sea level, the height of this plant reaches about 35-40m. The chestnut tree was used in ancient times as flour for making bread. The Chestnut of Reç, in Malesi e Madhe, is the second biggest […]


The linden tree is a perennial woody plant that belongs to the Tiliaceae family and grows in the warmest areas. The height of the lime tree reaches up to 25-30m and requires clayey soils rich in neutral pH. Its flowers and leaves have been used for a variety of medicines for their healing properties,  and […]


The wild blueberry grows on the northern edges of Malesi e Madhe, at an altitude of about 1700m above sea level. The collection of its leaves, flowers and fruits, which are also used in medicine, is carried out in different periods during the summer. In the area of Malesia e Madhe, the fruits are harvested […]

Mountain tea

It is a perennial plant that grows 30-80 cm, mainly at altitudes above 1000m of altitude. Mountain tea is commercialized, but also widely consumed by the inhabitants of mountain areas during the winter season due to its curative properties. It also accelerates digestion and has a relaxing effect when consumed before going to sleep.

Helichrysum Italicum

Helichrysum italicum is a flowering plant of the daisy family Asteraceae. Besides being called the curry plant because of the strong smell of its leaves, some calls it the flower that smiles at the sun. In the area of Malësi e Madhe, many families have beenculivating this plan for several years, becoming an important source of income. […]


In addition to the characteristic aroma, the cultivation of lavender is also responsible for the beautiful purple fields during the flowering period which varies from June to July. Lavender requires a very moist soil, not too rich in humus and exposed to the sun (gravel). The harvesting and drying process requires care, as the flowers […]


Sage not only has high medical values, but also commercial values. This plant, which belongs to the Lamiaceae family, grows up to 50 cm in height and is suitable for all types of soil. The first harvest is in July, while the season is between October and November. Sage has an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal action, […]

4-days trekking in North ALbania

4-days trekking in North ALbania Discovering Malesi e Madhe the story The eldest inhabitants of Kelmend narrate that the first who settled in this territory were four brothers: Nili, Vuli, Seli, and Boli. From their families and generation after generation, four villages were formed: Nikç, Vukel, Selca, and Boga. During summer, shepherds from Vukel used […]


SHKODRA LAKE TOUR Departuring from Koplik city towards the village of Sterbeq, after 10 minutes you will be on the lake shore where the fishermen wait for you. Sitting on their boats, you will head towards the Shegan’s Eye. During the boat ride across the Shkodra Lake, the fishermen will tell you about their daily […]

Bar-Restorant Hotel Rubens

1. Name   Bar-Restorant Hotel Rubens 2. Owner Fatlum Elezi 3. Village Koplik, Rruga e Liqenit, Culaj   4. Contact number 069 9336672 5. E-mail 6 Website Fb: Bar Rubens Booking: 7. N. of  rooms 8 8. N. of  beds 8 double 4 single 9. N. of  bathrooms 10 10. Price   2.000 […]