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Apiculture Kurtaj

The Kurtaj family has lived for generations in a small village in the Gruemire Administrative Unit, called Lepurosh. Selman’s (head of the family) passion for bees was born in 1989 when he bought only one hive and began to take care of them and then the further breeding. For many years Selman also worked as […]

Landi Skaqaj

Type of activity: Beekeeper “Kastrati Honey” Product typology/service: Lavender, sage, chestnuts and mountains honey Village: Bajzë (Administrative Unit of Kastrat) District/Municipality: Malësi e Madhe History: Landi Skaqaj started working as a beekeeper 28 years ago, and he is developing its activity in Bajza. He produces 4 types of honey: sage, lavender, chestnuts and mountain honey, […]

Gjovalin Hasanaj

Tipo di attività: Caseificio “Djathë Veleçiku” Tipologia del prodotto/servizio: Caciocavallo con mirtilli, noci, salvia, erbe e piccante Villaggio: Hot (Unità Amministrativa Kastrat) Distretto: Malësi e Madhe Storia: Gjovalin Hasanaj è un giovane di Malësi e Madhe che amministra il caseificio di famiglia nel villaggio di Hot, un’attività iniziata da suo padre Prelë 11 anni fa. […]

Kopliku winery

The Kopliku winery is located near the city of Koplik. It is a company started about 14 years ago by Mr. Shaqir Hysaj and his family (Mrs. Aferdita, his wife and two sons Fatbardhi and Luani). During these years Mr. Shaqir and Mrs. Aferdita worked to produce quality wine, now also aged, since here we […]

Vineyard Mani

Vineyard Mani The Mani vineyard with an area of ​​2.2 hectares is located in the village of Gruemirë, a few minutes from the city of Shkoder. The owner, Fatjon Mani, who has emigrated abroad for many years, returned to Albania 3 years ago and decided to invest his savings in his native place. His family […]

Preke Gjeloshaj

Name of producer / operator:  Prekë Gjeloshaj Type of activity:  Dairy “Reçi Prodhimtar” Type of product / service: White and caciocavallo cheese from cow and goat Village: Reç (Administrative unit of Shkrel) Region / Municipality: Malësi e Madhe History: Armando with his father Preka take care of the milk processing, and they started the business […]

Trout of Kelmend

Trout of Kelmend Armando Hysaj – Selca E-mail: Mob.: +355 698880745   The reserve is located on the way to Selce from Tamara. Here you can find living trout, which grow in the clean  waters of the Kelmend Mountains. Trout has a delicate taste that recalls the freshness of the waters of the Cem […]

Natyral Razma Resort

1. Name   “Natyral Razma Resort” 2. Owner “PREVAL”  SH.P.K. 3. Village Razem 4. Contact number 0686045455 5. E-mail 6. Website 7. Number of rooms 26 8. Number of beds  43 9. Number of bathrooms  31 10. Price 40 euro/person 11. Foreign language used English, Italian 12. Season in which is opened Whole […]