Apiculture Kurtaj

The Kurtaj family has lived for generations in a small village in the Gruemire Administrative Unit, called Lepurosh. Selman’s (head of the family) passion for bees was born in 1989 when he bought only one hive and began to take care of them and then the further breeding. For many years Selman also worked as a biology and chemistry teacher in the area, and after completing his nursing studies he was employed as a nurse in a village in his area. Since he had a small number of bees for many years, he saw beekeeping more as a passion than an opportunity for financial profits.

Every time the honey produced there has been of high quality, and the demand has increased year after year. Given the increase in demand, Selman needed to increase the number of bees and consequently the quantity of honey produced.

Selman currently owns around 70 bees and production is increasing year after year. In the coming years he plans to further expand beekeeping as a family business.

Although busy with his work in his profession, he spends his free time working with bees and caring for them. Furthermore, the wife and children, in addition to their engagements in various studies and professions, help parents in this activity.

The resources of the country and the favorable climate considerably favor the development of beekeeping and the quality of the honey produced there.

The types of products that he currently produces are: chestnut honey, honey of many flowers, thyme honey and wax.


Honey prices are:

– chestnut honey: 1.500 ALL / kg

– wildflower honey: 1,500 ALL / kg.

– thyme honey: 1,500 ALL / kg.

Selman’s contacts are:

Cel/Whats app: 0682576379

E-mail: qamilkurtaj1@gmail.com

Facebook: Qamil Kurtaj

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