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The high-temperature steam sterilization function can care for the baby’s health. The sterilization cycle of this particular model varies from microwave to microwave, depending upon their power usage. A cooling period of three minutes is advisable for the microwave, as is done for all sterilizing kits. As a result, 8 minutes is the minimum time it will take for you to get your baby bottles into a usable condition.

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  • However, a nasal mask is more convenient to wear during sleep and provides a comfortable experience.
  • Potential sources can include buying guides for bottle sterilizer microwave, rating websites, word-of-mouth testimonials, online forums, and product reviews.
  • Imagine yourself trying to use a bottle warmer with one hand in the middle of the night while you’re exhausted, half asleep, and holding a wailing child.
  • Then, wash each part separately with cold water and mild soap using a bottle brush and nipple brush.
  • Like many bottles suitable for newborns, this one has colic-reducing features.

They can be more susceptible to bacteria and viruses because their immune systems are not fully developed. That’s why it’s important to do everything you can to keep those bacteria and viruses away from items your baby uses. One of the best ways to do this is to use a portable baby bottle sterilizer.

Best Cold Water Steriliser: Milton Cold Water Steriliser

It’s really simple to use, you just need to fill the base with the proper amount of water, and turn it on. Price – every sterilizer on the market is designed to kill 99.9% of bacteria, so you don’t have to take the priciest one. There are so many on the market that you can take time to find something that suits your budget, and your needs. Sure, you can’t wrap your little one in bubble wrap, but you can take some of the dangers away. So, if the bottle sterilizing will stop your baby from getting at least one illness, it’s worth it. Microwave sterilizers, on the other hand, are less expensive.

Wabi Baby Electric Sterilizer

The Philips AVENT Sterilizer doesn’t come equipped with baby bottles. Also, other bottles are often not compatible, which is a bit frustrating. The Papablic Sterilizer & Dryer can complete a sterilization cycle in just 6 nursing apron minutes. However, it takes anywhere between 45 to 65 minutes for it to complete a cycle from start to finish. Those in a hurry can always skip the drying cycle and use other bottle drying techniques. Whatever your preference, it’s always nice to have both options.

How We Chose The Products To Test

Coming to the heating part, then it is made of the steel plate and comes with HEPA filter which makes the drying process free from germs and pollutants. The BPA-free material guarantees that the product is free from any harmful chemicals that can hamper your baby’s bottle and harm your baby. The electric steam sterilizer is made with BPA-free materials, thus ensuring that the bottles are cleansed in a safe environment. This is a good sterilizer that you can gift also to your friend. Overall, it’s a good choice for parents who want to have a hassle-free life.

If you want to dry as well, press the Sterilize/Dry or Dry button once for a 30-minute dry cycle, twice for 45 minutes, and three times for a full hour. You have three seconds to choose after which the machine will begin. Don’t forget to choose the function you want as if you don’t, the machine will just turn off and you’ll return disappointingly to bottles that haven’t yet been sterilized.

Krishna Scientific Suppliers Bottle Sterilizer, Size: 500 X 1200 Mm

It takes no more than seven minutes to sterilize the bottles. There are separate stands on the tray for sterilizing four bottles of different sizes, along with other bottle parts, at a time. Pick from 5 and 10 minutes for UV only mode and 30, 50, and 70 minutes for dry with UV mode.

The cycle takes only five minutes – shorter than any other electric steriliser we tested, such as the Dr Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Steriliser, and plenty of microwave ones too. After the cycle, Tommee Tippee recommend waiting five minutes before opening the steriliser. There are handles at the top of the lid for you to take it off the trays safely after the cycle. You can also purchase products designed specifically for sterilizing baby bottles and other accessories in the microwave.

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